Friday, January 17, 2014

The 52 Project. 3/52


Life is busy. Life is hard at the moment. This summer-loving girl never does especially well in the January-March season of horrible Midwestern cold, wintry bleakness. I find it hard to see past the gray and cold, to the beauty and hope right in front of me. My beautiful son will be two and a half in March. He has grown into a happy, delightful toddler, who loves to laugh and tease, and laugh some more. The sound of that bubbly chuckle tugs at the hope inside this mama, pulling it back into view. The color in his baby lips and cheeks and hands and toes reminds me all the beauty of spring and summer can be found right here. I can choose to focus on my darling child, on creating beautiful things, on making our home a bright, colorful, warm beautiful place to come in from the cold. I can focus on the tiny flutters in my womb, on the joy of my ever-rounding belly, on making tiny clothes for a warm, tiny body due to join our family in the Spring, just as this mama's hope is being renewed by green growing things and sweet spring smells outside. I can choose to focus on hope and beauty. Today.

"A portrait of my son, once a week, every week in 2014"

This huge bookshelf Daddy made, sitting and awaiting finishing, is too much for tiny hands to resist. A little scrap of dowel becomes a pretend crayon that you vigorously colored with. Your beloved blankie is never far, making it extremely hard for Mommy to ever get to wash it! I love your little toes peeking out, and the pinkness of your fingers, delicately resting on the unfinished wood. You are adored, baby boy. Somehow, a little more every single day.

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