Friday, October 17, 2014

41/52 - The 52 Project

Wow. Well, I'm sad that I missed two weeks in there :(. But, I'm here now I guess :). We have been *insanely* busy. Besides this whole learning how to be a family of four thing, we decided to throw first time home-ownership into all the crazy life-altering changes happening in 2014! It's 100% beyond time for us to finally make the leap from renting to owning, and we couldn't be more excited and happy, but my goodness, the added stress and busyness!! We don't close until the 29th, but we hope to actually move in on the 30th-31st, so we have a LOT of packing/cleaning/loose-ends-wrapping-up to do between now and then! Lots of stress, but lots of joy :).

Speaking of joy, my tiniest boy is nothing but pure joy and delight. I am SO excited to have non-phone-camera photos of him for this week :D. Someday, I will capture my big boy as well, but getting a three-year-old to sit still enough to actually photograph is much, much harder than a three-month-old ;)! It's still my goal to take portraits of both boys with my real camera every week again, but I am content with ANY photos of my babies for now :) :).

Vincent Arthur - You are beyond delightful, beyond delicious, beyond anything and everything any mommy could ever ask for. You're perfect, I love you, and if I ever worried (I totally did) that I wouldn't be able to love another baby as much as I love your big brother, well let's just say those worries were completely and totally unfounded :). You arrived on the scene just three short months ago, and already I can't even imagine life without your unbelievably adorable grinning, squealing, sweet-smelling self snuggled up against me. There are no words. You're pure wonderful.

Teague Jackson - Oh, my big baby. As much as you've been having a bit of a hard time lately (apparently being newly three is universally rough on all little people) and mommy's been a little short on patience, I miss having all the time in the world to hang out with you and your adorable awesomeness. I miss working with you on your letters, watching you paint your gorgeous artwork, and just having time to sit and read and snuggle and enjoy you and your suddenly long, skinny limbs, your ever-expanding vocabulary, and your blossoming sense of humor. I know we'll have that time again, slowly but surely, as your little brother's naps and night times get less erratic and unpredictable, but I miss you, little guy. Giving you bathtub paints and watching your joy in creating only intensified the missing, but it was nice to get a little glimpse :). I love you, Teague Jackson. You're an amazing kid, and I'm so glad you're mine.

"A portrait of my sons, once a week every week in 2014."

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