Friday, April 18, 2014

The 52 Project - 15/52

Well, this is officially the latest I've ever posted a photo, but I really want to keep up with this, even if it kills me haha! This is will have to be another phone camera shot, but sometimes I feel as though I can capture more candid moments with my phone, with the pressure off me to get that perfect DSLR shot, and the pressure off my boy, as mommy's face isn't obscured by a big black camera :).

Anyway, without further ado, here is this (well, last) week's photo:

"A portrait of my son once a week, every week in 2014."

I often think how lucky and blessed we are, to live in such an absolutely gorgeous neighborhood. It is nothing short of magical, the moment we step out the door. It has been such an ongoing joy to share my beloved little town with you, sweet boy. From my daily (sometimes twice daily) walks with you wiggling in my belly, to now, watching you dance happily ahead of me on this beautiful sidewalk we've walked so many times before. I am just so grateful Spring is finally here, and we can bask in all the beauty and joy to our hearts' content once again. I can't believe how big you are, little guy. This is a shot from our first attempt at a little walk around the block *without* a stroller, and even though you listened much better than last Spring (my rule is: stay on the sidewalk at all times, and stop when the sidewalk stops), the amount of heart-attacks this mommy experienced made me think another summer in the stroller might be best for all involved! It is mind-boggling to think that I am carrying yet another wiggling baby on these walks, and before I know it, I'll be introducing another child of mine to this town I love so much. And, this time, you'll be there too, to help me show our happy outside world to your baby brother! It is almost too much joy for this mama to hold in her heart. All I can do is breathe a prayer of thanks, and soak it all in.

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