Wednesday, April 30, 2014

17/52 - The 52 Project


It has been amazing to me, throughout the 17 weeks of this project, to realize just how different my life is from the life I had nearly 10 years ago, when I was a carefree, unencumbered college student, traipsing about our gorgeous little town (we still live here!) in bare feet, a long, flowy skirt, with my beautiful friend Abbie by my side, with our prized DSLRs jammed into our faces, taking photos of absolutely anything and everything that caught our fancy. When I was in college, I lived and breathed photography. I was never without my camera, and was constantly uploading and editing hundreds of photos. Photography was as natural as breathing back then, and it has just been an experience this year, literally forcing myself to pull out my camera on a weekly basis and to spend that time following my darling baby around, trying to capture just one somewhat respectable photograph to post. It has been harder than I ever thought it would be to commit even to a once-a-week posting, but the result, even after only 17 weeks, has been just so unbelievably worth it!

This week and last week, I have been playing around with my 50mm lens, and I'd forgotten how much delightful depth and life just changing a lens can breathe into my images. The up close and personal images of my boy are almost always my most treasured, and well, the image below is my case in point ;).

"A portrait of my son once a week, every week in 2014."

Oh, my precious boy. Today, you were fascinated by the sight of your bare little baby belly in the mirror, as you sucked it in and out, in and out. For some reason, the sight made you smile and giggle, and this mommy almost couldn't handle the cuteness. Lately, it seems your bent toward deafening tantrums and defiant pushing of all boundaries and your nonsensical commitment to wreaking havoc and destroying everything in your path has abated (at least for the moment), and the last few weeks have been delightful. Without your constant need to screech at the top of your lungs at the least provocation or disappointment, we've been given a wonderful glimpse into the little boy you're becoming, and it has been a beautiful sight. Both mommy and daddy have enjoyed taking you places and just loving your sweet (tantrum-free!) companionship. We love and adore you no matter what, but your contented, happy, precocious, chattering, singing, movie-quoting, affectionate, loving, giggling self delights us more than we ever thought possible. You're amazing, Teague Jackson. Our lives are immeasurably richer with you.

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