Monday, May 5, 2014

18/52 - The 52 Project

Hello everyone,

Greetings from the *finally* Spring-y land of Northern Indiana! The past week or so we've finally seen temperatures consistently above 40 degrees, and finally, finally we are seeing my favorite part of Spring--shades of beautiful GREEN that almost hurt this mama's nature-loving eyes! I just want to sit and stare and stare at all the green until it permeates my heart and soul and mind with its achingly beautiful hope and joy and sweetness.

Speaking of sweetness, this week's photo is once again, an imperfect phone camera photo. But I caught my baby in the midst of one of his happy little shivers, where he brings his tiny hands and shoulders up, up to his ears, does a little shake, then spreads his arms wide, just grinning with all the bliss his baby heart can handle. Also, our tiny, eclectic, much-loved home is in the background, which makes me love this image even more. Feeling the blessings in my life this week. Many, many things in our lives right now are stressful, hard, and make us wish things were just a little (or maybe a lot) different, but there are absolutely infinitely more things in our lives that are blessings so far beyond what we could ever ask or hope for. Thank you, Jesus, for Spring :).

"A portrait of my son once a week, every week in 2014."

Oh my happy boy, there is nothing I love more than watching your tiny self just soaking in the joys of being outside. Every bunch of soft new grass, every tiny purple violet, every tree, every leaf, every bug, squirrel, or bird, every bright yellow dandelion sighting is cause for squeals of delight and close examination, usually squatting down, with your face almost touching your knees, studying every detail and proudly reporting to mommy in your squeaky baby voice all the wondrous things you see. I feel like I will never, ever get tired of hearing that excited, "Mommy?" and my answering, "yes, baby?" and your breathless report of "purple fwower, Mommy!" "Mommy, a dandy-wion!!" "A squirtle (squirrel), Mommy!" The fact that you share with me, that you bring your happiest joys, your angriest tantrums, your most dramatic sorrows, and even just your simple requests and quiet moments and calm observations to me, is a tenuous, fragile, immeasurably valuable treasure. I hope and pray that I never underestimate the gift of you sharing yourself with me, baby boy. You're loved beyond belief. 

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