Tuesday, May 13, 2014

19/52 - The 52 Project


Two big changes happened this week: it suddenly became unseasonably warm for May, and I took my crazy, unpredictable two-and-a-half-year-old to get his hair cut for the first time! The unseasonably warm meant mostly incredibly wonderful things like sunshine-dappled boys careening through the grass in bare baby feet, beautiful blue skies and even more beautiful spring greens, and moving our lives outside to escape the staleness of indoors for as often and as long as possible. But it also meant a family unprepared for the impressively oppressive Indiana double-whammy of heat and humidity, with an 8-months-pregnant mommy who tends to overdo it :). The weather is supposed to be much more May-like for the rest of the week, so crisis averted, but we were very clearly reminded that pregnant mommies need air conditioning, and will be much more vigilant about getting the A/C turned on next time!

And you know what? The first haircut experience? A complete breeze. Not a single tear, screech, struggle, and nary a wiggle!! My darling baby who balks with impressive stubbornness (and decibel levels) at the slightest attempt to control his movements sat completely calm and still as the barber ran the loud, buzzing clippers all over his little blonde head. I was shocked at the lack of resistance, button-bustingly proud of my sweet baby, and more than a little grief-stricken at the sight of all those blonde curls disappearing one by one. I was amazed and just...even more in love with this adorable, completely unpredictable child of mine.

"A portrait of my son once a week, every week in 2014"

Oh sweet boy, without your curls. Still so gorgeous among the errant maple seedlings in our yard. You amaze me, you fascinate me, you make me better, day after day.

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