Thursday, August 28, 2014

34/52 - The 52 Project

Hi again, 

Well, my goal of being able to take actual portraits of my children with my "real" camera, every week, through all the change and transition and taking care of a newborn-ness of our lives right now is rather unattainable :). But, I think the mere act of selecting a photo even just from my phone of each of them, and taking the time to reflect on each of them, every week, is still extremely valuable to me. I think I can see a light at the end of this tunnel, though--and am looking forward to capturing my sweet babies with my real camera every week again soon :)!

Vincent - Where has my scrawny little newborn gone?? Where are those skinny lil chicken legs, that soft, wrinkly, loose skin, that floppy, squishy, foldable body? Who is this chubby, round, wide-eyed person who greets me every morning with more expression and alertness than the morning before? Who will stop fussing when mommy comes near, and will give mommy happy, crooked grins and wonderfully long strings of baby conversation? Who can actually be distracted from crying by playing with daddy, or being laid on the floor for some tummy time? I can't believe how quickly you've changed from a newborn to a baby, my love. You are joy and a wonder, and we are just so lucky you're ours.

Teague - You are officially too big for the biggest size of diapers out there, before you even turn three!! You were insanely excited to be wearing "Bus Ightyear" on your new pull-ups, and didn't stop checking yourself out in the mirror for about fifteen minutes! We hope to start potty-training soon, but for now, we're just thankful pull-ups exist!
Well, you and I are still working out this whole "you're not my only baby anymore" thing. Mommy is slowly learning that her attitude almost 100% controls how our day goes, my dear. If mommy's grumpy and short-tempered, so are you. But if mommy does a heart-check and focuses on what's really important, we're both infinitely more cheerful and willing to help each other through the day. You're still my precious boy, Teague Jackson. You amaze and delight me, and I am so thankful you're mine. 

"A portrait of my sons, once a week every week in 2014."

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