Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The 52 Project - 7/52

Well, here we are at week 7! I am just so proud of myself for making it even this far! Hoping this helps me actually get in the habit of posting regularly again!

"A portrait of my son once a week, every week in 2014"

After almost seven solid weeks of subzero temperatures and record snowfall, today we finally, finally caught a break! The sun was out, and when we ventured out this morning, it was a balmy 30 degrees, and it felt like Spring! I couldn't believe how much you'd grown up and changed, even since the last time we really played outside...you are just so much...older. Even the other adults who spend time with you have commented on how much you've grown up in the last few months. It's hard to describe how that kind of pride in your baby feels. It helps this mommy breathe out some of the anxiety over how you will handle your new baby brother when he makes his appearance. I'm just so impressed by you, my little son, and I am just having so much fun watching you grow up.

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