Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The 52 Project - 8/52

"A portrait of my son, once a week every week in 2014"

Well, my love, what a week it's been. I love that just last week, I was posting about how much you'd grown up, and this week I've been reminded just how much of a baby you still are. I love this portrait of your face, as it seems to capture a glimpse of that dichotomy between baby and little boy that so defines our days. 

Last night, you apparently decided you no longer wanted to be wearing...anything at all, and mommy was greeted this morning by a completely naked boy standing surrounded by the contents of his very full and very messy diaper. Our morning was...less than happy to say the least. You went on to grind almost an entire blueberry waffle into the just-vacuumed carpet, and, with a positively evil grin, threatened to topple over not one but two of the mountains of clean laundry awaiting folding. This mommy got a not-so-flattering look at the limits of her patience. I worry a lot these days, about bringing a newborn into a home with so much noise and mess and examples of my mothering inadequacies. But even on days like today, I am reminded of how...worth it it is to bring babies into the world. Of how much incomparable richness the tiny people add to our world. I look at your face and wonder how I ever lived without ever feeling it pressed up against mine. And I know that a second baby will only multiply the love, though that doesn't seem possible. Thank you for all you teach me, little one.

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