Wednesday, June 4, 2014

22/52 - The 52 Project


So, I have really tried to make a habit of pulling out my DSLR at least once a week to take these portraits. But I am also trying to be realistic! I knew this year was going to be one of the busiest of our lives, and also filled with the most change, but these were the exact reasons I started this project in the first place! I am so painfully aware that these years are fleeting. That all too soon these years of raising and making babies will be over. So it suddenly felt so necessary to do *something* to help me focus, something to help me stop and look and see and feel what it's like to be right here, right now. Smelling a disgusting diaper that needs changed as my son leans his warm body against my arm, feeling my darling baby's tiny feet shift against my ribs as he sleeps peacefully in my womb, and hearing Finding Nemo in the background as I hurry to write a somewhat meaningful and coherent post for this week. These days are precious. They're fleeting. And even though the change to come will be being able to see and stroke and squeeze my baby's tiny feet *outside* my womb, and from changing a large toddler's messy diapers to days of pull-ups and racing to the potty and promises of Spider-man underwear (both extremely welcome changes!!), taking time to enjoy the now is just irreplaceably important. 

So. With all that in mind, here is a grainy, ill-composed candid shot that sums up our now of this week. My wonderful and adorable husband, exhausted from work and woodworking and life, still trying to squeeze in moments with our sweet son. My beautiful son, with his chubby fingers in his sleeping Daddy's beard and tiny toes curling and uncurling, impressing both of us with his aptitude for Preschool-age learning games on our iPad. Our dilapidated and food-stained futon that has served us so well for many more years than any futon ever should. In our tiny, cramped rental home that simultaneously drives us crazy and keeps us afloat financially. This is our now, and I think it's just beautiful.

"A portrait of my son once a week, every week in 2014."

I adore you both.

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