Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The 52 Project - 10/52

Hello All,

Once again, I am posting a bit late. Life is just...busy these days. But truly, this is exactly why I wanted to commit to this project. These crazy days of being a mommy to an almost-2 1/2-year-old, and being 6 months pregnant with his already so precious little brother. Of rearranging our tiny rental house for what seems like the 20th time to make just a little bit more space to accommodate our newest baby boy. Of delightedly buying fabric to make this little guy crib sheets, swaddling blankets, baby pants, baby toys and pillows. Of trying to balance my two part-time jobs with soaking up these last months of having only one baby boy to cuddle, and spending time with my sweet husband before our newest tiny being takes over our lives with his endlessly demanding presence. Of mountains of laundry, endless piles of dishes, crumb-infested carpets, seemingly daily spilled drinks and dumped bowls of food. Of kitchen floors in desperate need of mopping, of multiple full trash bags sitting by the door for days on end, of a curious 2-year-old boy who ignores his baskets full of toys, boxes full of books, and piles of favorite DVDs, to touch and inspect and usually break and/or ruin everything in our home that isn't his. Of constant moments of teaching, molding, disciplining, and just...living life with a toddler who is growing up much too quickly. Of near-constant worry over the impending transition from one baby to two. Of trying so hard to live in the moment in this absolutely chaotic, but achingly sweet and horribly fleeting stage of our lives.

"A portrait of my son once a week, every week in 2014." 

This week's portrait is a grainy phone camera photo. But I was so delighted to finally capture you and your sweet love for your baby brother that I felt it was well worth posting. This is what you do when I'm lying on the couch and ask you where you baby brother is. You pull up my shirt, lay your head on my belly, and stroke and pat it with oh-so-uncharacteristic gentleness. Your little brother seems to sense your closeness, and wiggles and kicks and squirms more than any other time. It's hard to believe that I will have two babies in less than three months, but moments like these give me hope for beautiful moments between the two of you in the years to come that will more than outweigh the times of chaos. I love you both, and simply cannot wait to see what this next stage will bring for our little family.

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